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Who is Advanced ID?

Advanced ID Technologies is committed to providing you with high quality products at affordable prices with outstanding customer support.

Advanced ID Technologies is a state of the art company that partners with best in class manufacturing suppliers. Our suppliers have followed a stringent supplier quality assessment audit and have even received ISO9001 certification. All of our products have been UL, CE, and FCC approved.

Advanced ID believes in operational efficiency so that we can stream line products to our customers. We pass the stream line cost savings on to you in our attractive pricing.

Advanced ID Technologies was started by former Motorola and Cisco Systems employees following the sale of the business units. Using the best in class technology our products are high quality and have attractive pricing. The founders of Advanced ID have backgrounds from companies with over 70 years of proven experience in product design, development, and distribution.

Advanced ID strives on having the best products in the market. We rely on our engineering and testing teams that typically produce four new products per quarter. Along with our partners, it allows us to develop products quickly to meet the changing customer and market needs.

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